Silky Soft Body Oil

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Silky Soft Body Oil – A Summer Suitable Body Oil which provides intense Hydration & instant glow to the skin without feeling sticky & greasy at all. A unique blend of 5 essential oils to protect & heal your skin.


Best For Summers – Non Sticky , Non Greasy & Lightweight Formula which Quickly and Completely absorbs into the skin leaving instantly Glowing & Hydrated skin.

After Bath Regimen – Regularly massaging with Acacia Silky Soft Body oil after bathing rejuvenates the skin; preserve youthful skin elasticity & softness; provides instant hydratio

Body Oil

n and intense nourishment to the skin; maintain the skin moisture & luster.


Bless Your Skin – With the Goodness of Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Lemon essential oil & Bakuchi Oil. All these essential oils are combined together in a balanced blend to enhance their absorption into the skin & leave a light non-sticky skin feel.

Natural Aroma – Aromatic Zesty & Refreshing Citrus Fragrance. The refreshing natural & light scent brightens your day and heal your skin.

Suitable For All – Men & Women of all skin types can use Acacia Silky Soft Body Oil & beautify their skin with this unique composition of essential oils.

Do we need Body Oil in Summer? Yes. One of the most important reasons that you need to use body oil in summer is hydration because  skin get dehydrated and lose moisture during the summers. Secondly, we want gloriously glossy skin at all times, but it is too warm to be layering on thick lotions.

Oiling can be a great way to ensure softer, firmer and dewy-looking skin all Summer.

Hence, Acacia presents Silky Soft Body Oil – A Summer Suitable Body Oil which provides intense Hydration & instant glow to the skin without feeling sticky & greasy at all. A unique blend of 5 essential oils to protect & heal your skin

Benefits of Acacia Silky Soft Body Oil:


Silky Soft Body Oil

  • Provide intense Hydration & Moisturize the skin
  • Lightweight, Non sticky essential body oil for body care.
  • Maintain the skin elasticity & softens the skin texture
  • Improve skin complexion & brightens skin tone
  • Protect skin from sun damage, inflammation & redness
  • Enhance natural regeneration and repair process of our skin.
  • Offers a calming & relaxing effect
  • Control premature skin aging & treats acne

Use : Gently massage all over the body after bath on wet skin & before going to bed at night.

Ingredients:  Olive oil, Almond oil, Bakuchi oil, Coconut oil, Lemon essential oil & Jasmine Oil


Almond Oil : More than soothing dry skin, almond oil can improve complexion and skin tone. It’s highly emollient, which means it helps to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss. Because it is antibacterial and full of vitamin A, almond oil can be used to treat acne. Its concentration of vitamin E can also help to heal sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, and fade scars.

Olive Oil :– Olive oil’s main benefit is to moisturize the skin by reducing water loss. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K, and E, as well as squalane. These can aid with decreasing oxidative stress on the skin.

Olive oil’s antioxidant properties protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation.

Coconut Oil :-  Coconut oil helps to hydrate skin and reinforce its natural defensive barrier to better retain moisture. Coconut oil has the ability to boost the level of antioxidants and collagen in our body, which both play an important role in the natural regeneration and repair process of our skin. Coconut oil for skin has been known to help reduce dark spots and help to fix an uneven skin tone. Several of the fatty acids that coconut oil contains, such as capric acid, are excellent emollients that help to soften skin.

Lemon Essential Oil :-  Natural astringent and anti-bacterial properties makes it a beneficial essential oil for very oily, congested skin on the search for a brighter more clear looking radiance to the complexion.

Bakuchi oil:-   Bakuchi oil is good for skin as it is like retinol in its function and can restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In addition to this, it can also manage wrinkles, pigmentation and decrease the photo damage of the skin.  The antibacterial property of the plant is beneficial for skin diseases like Psoriasis.

Silky Soft Body Oil leaves your skin feeling light, nourished and loved all at once.


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