Spark Mouthwash

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A Complete Oral Hygiene Solution

Herbal Power


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Acacia Herbal Mouth Wash for Varied Dental and Gum Problems

Sometimes, you avoid communicating with others face to face because of the fear in mind of bad breathing. There are varied other dental care issues that may destroy your day and may leave you in a situation of helpless. Bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, Pyorrhoea, and bad breathing are the complications that need proper care. Using some of the best quality herbal products will be beneficial in a number of ways. You can choose Herbal Mouth Wash that comes with a number of added features. It is made of using pure natural ingredients – all amalgamated together to churn out the best from them and then providing you with details.

AyushNirog has the best quality Herbal Mouth Wash come with different added features. Our products are of premium quality and properly tested with approval from the concerned labs to use. Our prices are competitive. Place your order now for the best quality Herbal Mouth Wash and get delivery to your address.

दाँतों एवं मसूड़ों के रोग, पायरिया, मुँह एवं सांसों की दुर्गन्ध, मसूडों की सड़न आदि रोगों में लाभप्रद

Bleeding Gums

Mouth Ulcers


Bad Breating




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