Silky-Soft foot Care Ointment - With the Healing Power of 6 Herbal Ingredients, Moisturizes, Heals, Soothes, Softens, Hydrates and Shields the Skin with its unique action. It repairs and relieves dry skin disorders such as rough and Cracked Heels, In faction between Toe and Fingers and Chapped Hands.


Cracked Heels, Infaction between Toe and Fingers and Chapped Hands

ना फटे ऐड़ियां ना फटे हाथ,
'सिल्की-सोफ्ट' अब मेरे साथ।

"फटी ऐड़ियां' चलने न दें
'सिल्की सोफ्ट ऐड़ियां' चाल बदल दे।

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Silky- Soft 30gm Pack

  • Brand: Acacia
  • Product Code: Silky- Soft 30gm
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹75
  • ₹65

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