Immune Boost Syrup  (300 ml )

Prepared With Ayurvedic Herbs, Giloy, Aloe Vera, Aamla, Tulsi, Punarnava, along with other Herbs to Increase Body Immunity to fight ViruI Infections. Useful in Chornic Fever, Liver Problems, Digestion,  Cough &Cold and Related Problems.

Tulsi   - Tulsi has Anti Viral effect, useful in commen Cough & Cold and related Problems.

Giloy    - Useful in chronic Fever & Increases Body Immunity.

Aamla   A Rich Source of Vitamin C , A Tonic to Heart & Brain, Rasayan, one of Well Known ingredient in ayurveda to Increase Body Immunity .

Punarnava   Tone up and Rejuvenate Liver & Body

Aloe Vera   A well Known General Tonic. Useful for Digestive System and Increases overall Body Function.

Sounf    - Useful in General Cough & Cold, Digestion & Acidity.

Tej Pat  - Digestive , Anti Cough & Cold.

Sonth - Digestive ,Anti Vomiting and Improve Appetite.

Dosage:   -  15-30 ml, 2-3 times a days or as directed by the physician.

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Immune Boost Syrup

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